Dispatch – City Didn’t Support Rising Musician

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As we central Ohioans cheer the meteoric rise of our beloved burrito slinger, Josh Krajcik, on The X Factor, let us not forget every rung on his ladder of success proves a more damning indictment of our city’s ability to recognize and support its artists.

Krajcik, a talented singer with a fan base now large enough to support his artistic pursuits, has been actively participating in our city’s music scene for years, failing to establish the connection between his potential fans in this town and the performance he had been giving all along — a television show they now make sure to never miss.

And until somebody in this town is able to recognize such talent and construct a business model that can sustain and develop those talents, we will continue exporting artists (and creative jobs) to other cities and once again miss an opportunity to prove that Columbus is a city that supports not only its arts but its artists.