Melt Magazine reviews Greetings

By Abbey Miller

Sometimes, a musician comes along that just connects with your soul. Every epic song and every timeless lyric speak to you in the most moving way. Its like they’ve read your diary and wrote songs based on your experiences. When that happens, its like the clouds part and the great power above has guided you to that particular artist at just the right time in your life to remind you you’re not alone. Then again, sometimes a musician comes along who connects to you in a less epic, but equally relevant way.

Andy came directly to our office on his fixed speed, braving the harsh weather and downtown traffic to drop off one of his CDs. The least I could do was give it a listen right? I pop it in, not really expecting too much (not because of Andy, just because of the general feeling of disappointment I get from most local music.) I was blown away. Every track was dripping with sarcasm and undeniable truths about life for all the starving artists and broke college kids in C-Bus. If Jimmy Buffet had an illegitimate love child with Bob Dylan, he’d probably strive to sound like Andy.

Most of the tracks sound like live recordings, or perhaps they were recorded in a bathroom on a cassette tape, but it actually adds to the listening experience rather than detract. It somehow makes it more sincere. My favorite track, Wheat Bread is basically an outline of my daily life. Like going to parties where I don’t know the host, but commandeer the kitchen anyway and take all the beer I can, or sitting next to the window for free Wi-Fi. And how about those kids who tie their bikes on the no parking signs- you know they do that for the irony. Its nice to know I’m not the only one who chuckles about that. He really takes the experience of life of a broke ass artist and/or college kid, puts it to a tune and lets the honesty flow.

Holiday[s] reminds me of Christmas when my distant cousins decide to drop in- running through the motions, pretending to care, but as Andy says “faking it is better than a holiday alone.” So if you are into folky, acoustic, poorly organized honesty check get on your bike and check out Trains Across The Sea. You can catch them on March 7th at Dicks Den. If your bike got stolen, move next to the window and check out their myspace- You’ll be pleasantly surprised.