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By Kevin Joy

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Andy Gallagher worked as an oil-industry engineer but was strongly lured by the life of a musician. So the Ohio State University graduate left the daily grind in January, opting to write and perform indie-folk tunes. This weekend, he’ll take part in the inaugural Peachtoberfest party in a south-of-the-OSU-campus neighborhood unofficially re-christened the “Peach District” by artists, hipsters and blog types.

Gallagher, 25, recently talked about his mission:

Q How difficult was leaving a lucrative job to pursue music?

A Frankly, it was a decision I had been preparing myself for since my first year of college, so it wasn’t too hard. The free time I have is absolutely essential.

Q How did the band start?

A The band formed in February of 2007 when I wrote the song Such Uncomfortable Chairs — and the singer for the other band I was in at the time was too good a singer for the song. So I sang it.

Sometimes you’ve just got something to say.

Q How would you describe the Peach District?

A It’s nothing more than a group of people creating a community.

Taking matters into your own hands — street cleanups, supporting the businesses literally around the corner — provides both a genuine sense of community and a local, sustainable economic model.

Q Why should someone see a Trains Across the Sea show?

A Artists . . . need to eat, too. And if the only way to survive as an artist is to move to a coast, then we’ll keep losing the best of them and continue to think that local art is somehow inferior.