The Hippy Speedball – Smoking Owl

By Matt Sullivan

For those who didn’t go to a liberal arts school or camping with a friend with dread locks; a hippy speed ball is a hit of good weed followed by strong coffee. Simply a great way to start a weekend or a “sick day” when you are under 30. I bring this up because Trains Across the Sea remind me of great music for taking a day off school, work, or life in general. “Wheat Bread” sounds like Oscar the Grouch grabbed the mic at a happy hour in spring break and pulled it off, big time. It is fun, irreverent, and has a sense of humor that is purposeful enough to keep it fresh. It is a bit goofy, but, perfect for fans of John Hartford, Jerry Garcia’s “not for kids only”, and local to the Mid-west and Columbus; Eric Nassau. This music will be a groovy mothers little helper to remind you of sunny days doing some day drinking and walking with your shoes off. On the other hand, “Run away with Me”; is a bit more somber and demonstrates a gravitas that would be an appreciated foil of “Wheat Bread”. However, even on a more somber number Trains Across the Sea still has a trickle of humor that keeps things light and refreshing. So take a listen to both of these fun folk goo balls and play a little boche ball on the lawn. Maybe life will always be this good.