Thanks Lyrics


she was the first in her family to go to college
she was the first in her family to cross the sea
she was the first in her family to miss thanksgiving dinner

and when she finally flew in in december
she had the nicest gifts to give
and all the cards read “sorry for not returning your calls”

so galileo galilei
if you dream too big they’ll put you away

ever since he was a baby he was flirting with danger
he could never go fast enough, he could never fly too high
so on the 302nd lap
with his wife and kids in the stands
he was going 110 when he hit the wall

so that became the day when his son learned
what every boy eventually knows
that nobody wants to turn out exactly like his dad
so the boy picked music because it was safer
yeah guitar was more his speed
but it’s not the guitar that kills you
it’s the dream


hey remember before we turned 25
bellies full of wine
we were living the single life
and we still believed in song

we thought a song would help us understand the world
we thought a song would help us understand the girl
we were just looking for our chance to understand
the worth of half hours on earth

well me i moved a mile about northeast
where there’s no lease and more trees
i built me some fires and i watched the full moon
and i listened to the trains roll by

“but do you ever feel alone” she says
“don’t you ever feel alone”

and i hope you’re having a nice time
out there on the coastline
yeah and don’t you worry i’m living the good life
with my wine
yeah i’m fine

but before you go asking questions
ask them of yourself
is where you are where you want to be?
do you want to be where you are?

“but do you ever feel alone” she says
“don’t you ever feel alone” she says
“you know, it’s okay to feel alone”


i woke up hungover and alone
180 days in a row
it says here the midwest ain’t so bad
as the mideast
so i guess i’ll walk the streets again
no particular place to go
but i walked the river instead
and i felt the river again
and i held the river again
like we did last year

i think sad songs are happy songs
for when you’re sad
but i’ll feel alright if the room tonight
will sing along
to my idea of what the west would sing
if the west could sing a song

tell me when it’s my turn to sing
tell me when it’s my turn to solo

i write songs instead of letters to friends
maybe i should put that in a song
that’s okay if there’s no missed calls
there’s still some whisky left at home
because ever since the first of the year
the last time i woke up in your home
it’s not that i don’t want a drink with you
it’s that i’d rather do it alone

well i thought it was a feeling
with a complicated meaning
i thought that i would know for sure
when it came along
i thought that it was up to the other
i thought that it was impressing your mother
yes i thought that that was our goal
but she thought it was the bible
and he thought that it was for sale
because he mostly cared for the making of it
and she mostly cared for the saying of it
and i knew that was not my goal
but if you’re asking my opinion
what i really think about it
take a deep breath and sing along

love is something that you do


this next song/is about the terrible things that we do for money/and it meditates on the question “who runs the world? why is the men who make all the money, or is it the women that they court?”/it’s called i just wanna get paid/well

he gets into his fancy car/and he lights up a big cigar/and drove through the traffic at the break of the day/just to sit in a mahogany chair/and now it’s “sell! sell trinkets!” to betsy and lou/who already own a trinket or two/and it’s their own damn fault if they can’t pay the bills when they come due/but salesman, salesman tell me why do you sell/the brand new model when the old runs well/he says “son, asking questions like that around here would get my ass fired/”because i went to school and i got into debt and then i bought a car and i got into debt and now i’m buying a house and i’m really going into debt and i just wanna get paid, you know, i just wanna get paid, you understand, i just need to get paid”

i said well i do understand, i’m a working musician/trying to do the same myself/and those are three important things you listed/your education, your transportation, your place to lay your head/but if i could, let me ask you a few questions about the specifics/tell me well why’d you go to school/he says “son! in this modern economy, if you’re ever going to get ahead, you’re going to have to have yourself an education”/and i thought well, that’s a fair point/BUT HOW DO YOU GET AHEAD IF THE EDUCATION JUST LEAVES YOU IN DEBT/tell me well why’d you buy the car/he said “i gotta get around and there ain’t no damn rail system in this town”/(by the way)/i said well maybe you should do what the skinny folks do and pedal instead/yeah let’s hear it for bicycles!/also while we are on the subject of bicycles or while i have put us on the subject of bicycles i have read in the newspaper that some of you have less money than you had before/and if this happens on a large enough scale they call that a recession/well if you find yourself in a recession and are looking to save some money/my uncle used to sing to me/you know bikes, they’re cheaper than cars/bikes, they’re cheaper than cars/bikes, they’re cheaper than cars/and they’re cheaper than a gym membership too/tell me well why’d you buy the house/he said “oh shit…i know this one…oh, babies – they take up room, right?”/i said yeah, that’s why i buy condoms/because condoms are cheaper than babies/condoms are cheaper than babies/condoms are cheaper than babies/and they’re cheaper than a gym membership too/but i said in addition to these essential three/you got a lot of shit that you don’t really need/he said “girls like nice things”/i said aha!/you just want to get laid, my friend/you just wanna get laid, i see/you just wanna get laid/he says “yeah”/i said oh, there’s nothing wrong with that/why everybody wants to get laid/a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do/and a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do/it’s just all your fancy shit need not be part of the equation is all i’m sayin/but anyway, he knows just what to do/and so he does

because saturday night is his night on the town/talking sports with the boys and he’s drinking ‘em down/and he’s setting his sights on the blonde at the bar/and says “boys, watch how it’s done/”can i buy you a drink”/yeah, i don’t mind/and out comes the finest italian wine/and she says what do you do/and he says “sales”/well that’s fine, she says, and what do you read?/he says “why would you read when you can watch TV?”/she says check please/he says “don’t leave! i can see your ass in those jeans!/”oh shit”/so it’s no luck with this girl/no luck with next girl/the next bar/the next ten bars/no problem at all, this man knows just what to do

and so drunkely driving the bad parts of town/looking for a girl who’s ready to get down/and there on the right with the stockings high/he slows and rolls down his window/her kids are at home and they’re fast asleep/and they don’t know their mommy is out on the street/no they don’t know their mommy is out on the street/no they don’t know their mommy is out on the street/’cause when the shop closed down and the dad skipped town/she still had to feed ‘em somehow
and so five minutes later he’s a sniveling mess/and he’s talking about his mommy and he’s talking about his debt/he says “i don’t wanna go home, i’m so alone, and i just wanted to get laid, you see, i just wanted to get laid, you understand, but i just wanted to get laid”/she says well, that’s nice/but i just wanna get paid, sir, i just wanna get paid


maybe you’ll be a teacher
maybe he’ll never leave
why don’t we just say
what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours

maybe i’ll be a farmer
what if you were my farmer’s wife
maybe we would be good together
or maybe we wouldn’t

or one day when you’re a teacher
what if i were a teacher too
what if we taught together in the same school in a few more years

i’d ask “how is your husband?”
you’ll ask if i have a girlfriend
you’ll ask if i still write songs in my spare time
and i probably still will then
but i hope they’re better

yeah maybe if i get better
one day i’ll write you a letter
i’ll say “i’m fine now, i found someone!
“i don’t have to write lonely songs anymore!”

but tonight you go home with your boyfriend
i’ll go write songs about girlfriends
i’ll go write songs until
i find somebody who wants to hear me sing